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Cal Provides Another Update on Travis

Yesterday, John Calipari provided an update on Reid Travis. He said that Travis had been practicing with Kenny Payne and that he plans on sitting him and PJ down to talk about Reid’s plan. He did go further and said if he does play, it’ll only be a few minutes to “get his feet under him.”

To me, this is a positive. Everyone who watches Kentucky basketball knows that Reid is essential to this years success, but why rush it? . Look, I’ll tell you what everyone has been thinking: Reid Travis is healthy. He is doing the same thing Zion is, saving his legs. Could he play Friday? Yes, he probably could and most likely will, but it will be 10 minutes max.

Image result for reid travis injury
Reid Travis on Senior Day (A Sea of Blue)

Kentucky may not win the SEC and that’s completely fine. They have their eyes on a much bigger prize. But one thing to note, Kentucky can beat any team in the nation with or without Travis. Obviously he helps, but last time against Tennessee, PJ ran into foul trouble and so did Richards/Montgomery. This time, they’ll have Reid for 10 or so minutes which gives them a better chance to win. And I’d be willing to bet they do. And if Kentucky plays on Sunday, I expect Reid to be back to normal minutes. After all, if Kentucky wins the SEC they’ll most likely be a 1 seed in the Louisville regional. Something everyone wants to happen, including John Calipari. He’ll do whatever he can to get there…

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