Be Consistent: Hate Kevin Durant AND Jason Witten

Kevin Durant has very few fans left. Even as the second best player in the world, he can’t even be the crowd favorite for his own team’s supporters. Steph will always be the golden boy with Klay as the second.

If you don’t hate Kevin Durant, it is probably because you jumped on the Warriors bandwagon as soon as you heard rumors of his OKC departure. Or you’re just a contrarian a**hole. He’s been called a snake, selfish and KEVIN. But most of all, a ring-chaser. He took the easy way out and left all of Oklahoma City in his wake. But here is the thing: Jason Witten did the same thing.

Fox Sports

Think about it. Jason Witten was on the Cowboys for 15 seasons. He was the star player, crowd favorite and most of all, loyal to Dallas… or so it seemed. Just when his career looked like it was over, he dropped the Cowboys and went off to commentate Monday Night Football on ESPN for his only real shot at ever getting to the Super Bowl.

He got it too. He finally made it to the big game and was selected to call the Australian broadcast of Super Bowl LIII. So, this supposedly loyal player and face of franchise leaves the organization for a better opportunity and chance at going to the title and actually makes it.

Sound familiar?

Image result for kevin durant championship
Burnt Orange Nation

Now, Witten is coming back to Dallas like the prodigal son and that city could not be prouder. Open your eyes, Dallas. You just got Kevin’d.

Author: Wic

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