Psychological Advantage: The High School Squad That Rasheed Wallace Coaches

Rasheed Wallace is back in the least Rasheed Wallace way possible. He is now a shaper of young minds as the basketball coach of Jordan High School in Durham, North Carolina. Odd move coming from a UNC guy, but when has Wallace done anything that makes sense. I am just happy that someone else has the Need for Sheed and that it isn’t just me.

This would be the last team I would ever want to play as a player or a coach. Jordan High School is going to begin every game with the psychological advantage. “Ball don’t lie” after every missed free throw is going to be the nicest thing they say. These kids are going to get scholarships for their trash talk alone.

Everyone either loves or despises Rasheed Wallace. Personally, I love him for being a part of one of my favorite teams of all time, the ’05 Pistons. Now, I love him for coaching this team and creating 10 more Wallaces every year. Basketball is getting soft and needs more Sheeds.

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