The Steelers Out Petty Antonio Brown

Just like Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown is one of the best receivers in the NFL… and also one of the pettiest. In Brown’s 9 year career, the Steelers have reaped the rewards of his talents, but have also had plenty of time to study and learn from his advanced petty ways.

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In January, Antonio Brown requested a trade from the Steelers. He even skipped the last game of the season. Brown went on rant after rant about respect while concurrently disrespecting everyone in Pittsburgh. In one of his tirades, he said that Ben Roethlisberger has an owner mentality and it is his way or the highway.

His scorched earth tactic of starting a feud with his quarterback, coach, team owner and everyone else is surely going to get him what he wants: Any team, but Pittsburgh. Last night, he almost got his wish.

Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers nearly closed a deal for Antonio Brown. The trade was halted when Brown intervened and said he did not want to play there. Already making sure he would have a problem in a new organization. The Bills pulled out before news outlets could even report on it.

The Steelers just out petty-ed the pettiest man in the NFL. Don’t like it here? How about a worse organization with a worse quarterback and no chance at the Super Bowl. In all seriousness, I want Brown and Bell to get all the guaranteed money they deserve and be in place they are happy and not starting drama. The NFL is better place with them in it.

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