Flacco Asserts His Dominance in Denver: Keenum to Be Traded to DC

Well, Joe Flacco has already won the quarterback competition in Denver a whole 4 days before he was allowed to officially sign. No surprise here. The Broncos love to overpay for new quarterback every year, each worse than the last.

So, instead of doing the smart thing and keeping a viable and experienced quarterback as a back up, the Broncos have decided to ship off Case Keenum. This is absolutely going to blow up in Elway’s face as they end up with another Brock Osweiler/Paxton Lynch situation.

With no idea how Alex Smith will play after coming back from his knee explosion, this was a no brainer for the Redskins. They had literally all of the injuries at quarterback last year and having 3 starters ready to go is more a necessity for them than anyone would have ever thought. And they barely gave up anything.

The Broncos-Redskins trade is as follows:
Redskins receive: QB Case Keenum, Seventh round pick
Broncos receive: Sixth round pick

No idea why Denver went for that, but at least they free up some cap space. I assume so they can overpay for Blake Bortles next offseason.

Author: Wic

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