Jason Kidd Is the Favorite to Be the Next Coach of the Lakers

We don’t know a lot about the future of the Los Angeles Lakers organization, but one thing is for certain: Luke Walton’s days are numbered as the head coach. There are already rumors that he has been told that he will be fired at season’s end. Number one rule of building a franchise is keeping franchise players happy. You’d think the Lakers would know this by now.

They need new coach and they need one sooner rather than later. And right now, Jason Kidd is the favorite to be the head coach Game 1 next year.

This is absolutely crazy to me. Jason Kidd was terrible for Bucks. Why in the world would they want him? Maybe LeBron respects him and would actually try if he were the coach. If I were LeBron though, I would want Tyronn Lue. He basically ran the Cavs entire organization.

The end of the list really made me laugh though. Coach K ever leaving Duke? No, he will die on the sideline. Bill Self? No, he seems content with his mediocre Kansas career. Same for Tom Izzo at Michigan State. The fact Magic Johnson was on this list is fantastic. Imagine him getting so fed up that he actually coaches the team.

Don’t think for a second (or 15) that I would forget about Rick Pitino. I just need him back in my life. He has betrayed allegiances before, and he will do it again. He went to Louisville after Kentucky, had an affair in the bathroom of an Italian restaurant and he would absolutely take the Lakers job after having been with the Celtics.

Author: Wic

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