Nevada Player Breaks Glass, Yells at Police after Loss to Utah State

Saturday night, #12 Nevada dropped their third game of the season to unranked Utah State. Given that Utah State probably doesn’t beat very many ranked teams, it is only right that they storm the court.

Everyone should get to be a part of a court storming at least once in their academic career. Your school outmans, outguns, and outplays a team you had no business being in the same zip code as and everyone loses their goddamn mind. Storming the court is just one of the purest forms of sports fandom. But there are rules. Some of which include never storming after beating a lower ranked team, definitely not after an “overrated” chant and never under any circumstance do you touch an opposing team player.

Watch what happened after a Utah State fan put his hands on Nevada Guard Jordan Caroline:

Caroline broke the glass covering the fire extinguisher and yelled at police along with his head coach. Not going to lie, I am 100% on his side. Police and game security have one priority and that is the safety of the players. I find it very hard to believe that security did not see a court storm brewing.

Caroline only had 7 points and 7 rebounds in the 81-76 so you can imagine his frustration. I’m just glad that he had one coach that had his best interest in mind and held him back.

Author: Wic

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