POLL: Is NASCAR a Sport?

This has been a debate that has been dominating the Soft 7 Sports group chat all week. Now, we aren’t going to say “Let’s settle this once and for all” like annoying people do on Twitter, but I will abide by the results of the poll.

As of now, I believe that NASCAR is not a sport. Yes, I know this means I’m “ignorant” and “don’t understand it”; vote and change my mind. I’ve done my homework on this. The driver takes up to 3 G’s of force during any part of the race. You take more during a roller coaster ride.

“You try driving a car going 200 MPH for 3 hours, and tell me NASCAR isn’t a sport” First off, no. I have better uses of my time like blogging. Next, I don’t care how fast the car is going, because the car is doing it. It isn’t like the drivers are running that fast. They are relying on a state of the art Chevy Impala and a team of mechanics to do it for them.

See the source image
From SBNation

“You try driving a car going 200 MPH for 3 hours and tell me NASCAR drivers aren’t athletes.” This is the line I get more often than anything. And I never said they weren’t. You can be an athlete regardless of whether or not you play a sport. Drivers can be athletes, but not because they happen to drive a car fast.

The definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” I hardly find NASCAR entertaining, but to each his own. I do love me a good wreck, however. NASCAR does meet all the requirements, but so does hide ‘n go seek and Twister… and Uno if you play against me (I’m nationally ranked and I play for keeps).

“But… But… but it’s on ESPN.” So, is poker. Next. On the same topic, if something needs a qualifier before the word “sport”, then it may not be a sport. Think “e-sports” and “auto-sports”.

So, let us know what you think. Like I said before, I will abide by the outcome of the poll. Change my mind. Vote Now:

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