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Morning Juice, Special Edition

Welcome back to the Morning Juice where we will be having a special….10 bets! 8 for today, 2 for tomorrow. We had a wild ride this week, going a combined 9-3 on the week after a stellar 4-0 on Wednesday. My total record is 34-14-1 which is 69%….nice. Let’s get into the games. Check back tonight for the actual line for Maryland-Michigan.

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#6 Michigan State @ Indiana

Now, like I said a few weeks back…Michigan State is overrated. I can’t add anything else to that because Wic put it so perfectly in this. Indiana is out to prove themselves and salvage their season and let me tell you this: Indiana will win this game. Yes, I know they’re 14-14 and 5-12 in the Big 10, but this is what Indiana does. They are an irrelevant team and program since Knight left, but they will also steal a big game at home. After barely losing to Purdue the week before, they’ll capture this victory easy. I think Langford hits a huge shot in the final minutes. I believe Indiana wins this game 63-59 and will add the 2nd to last nail in Izzo’s coffin. Take Indiana +6 and the under 139.

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#13 LSU @ Alabama

In Baton Rouge, we actually have a really good SEC game between teams other than Kentucky and Tennessee. LSU has come to play this year and they are fighting for an opportunity to win the SEC. In order to do so, they must win out and with their easy schedule, this is be their hardest game remaining. What helps LSU is that Waters is back, well he should be. Waters is recovering from a undisclosed illness (flu, probably) and look for him to get aggressive immediately. Along with Reid, Waters will have to come out from the start and just drain shots. Alabama tends to play to their opponents and if Hall and Lewis can hit shots, we have us a great ballgame. I think this game does come down to Waters and if he plays LSU wins a close one, 75-68. I would take LSU –1 and the under 149.

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#4 Kentucky @ #7 Tennessee

Well well well, here we are for round 2, but this time it is a little different. The last time these two played it was an absolute beating from Kentucky. They bullied Williams and Schofield and essentially took them out of the game. But, this time they’ll have to do it without their enforcer, Reid Travis. Travis has been sidelined for 10 games so far with a right knee sprain and is listed as doubtful for tomorrow. If I’m Calipari, I do NOT play Reid tomorrow. This game is meaningless. You will face Tennessee again in the SEC tournament and maybe the NCAA, let Reid get 100% and do not force him back for this game. With that being said, if he is 100%, play him. But, I’m approaching this as if he is not playing. PJ Washington owns Grant Williams. Tyler Herro said “Williams is scared of PJ.” This is bulletin board material for Williams, who I think will have a huge game tomorrow. For Kentucky, PJ has to make shots. He struggled against Arkansas this week and needs to bounce back in a huge way. My key to the game for Kentucky: Nick Richards. Richards had 15 rebounds on Tuesday, most of them in the second half. If he can play that way, they’ll win. For Tennessee, Williams has to attack PJ. He can’t be timid like he has been every single time against PJ. Regardless if Reid plays, Kentucky wins ths game thanks to PJ, Nick, Ashton, Tyler, and Keldon all having HUGE games. Herro is a road warrior and will score at least 20. So, I’m taking Kentucky MONEYLINE and the over 140. Also, if Brad wears something similar to this, Cats by 90.

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#1 Gonzaga @ St. Mary’s

I’ve never done a Zags game before, but this matchup interests me a ton. The Zags have had a great year averaging 90.5 points per game along with only giving up 65.3. But it’s Gonzaga, they play absolutely no one. In fact, when Wic and I were looking at what games I should do, we only chose this game because it might be the best game Gonzaga has had on their schedule since Duke. Oh yeah, they beat Duke this year in Maui (I forgot). They’re irrelevant until they win a title, which they have the team to do so this year. To me, Gonzaga is a lot like Villanova, but Nova finally won and wasn’t a second round exit, so they’ll have my respect for awhile…unfortunately the Zags won’t until they do the same. This game will not be good, because the last time they played Gonzaga won by 48. Yes you read that right, Gonzaga beat the 2nd team in the conference by 48 points…YIKES. Zags win easily, 67-41. Take Gonzaga -9 and the under 139


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#9 Michigan @ #17 Maryland

Take the under, it’s Big 10 basketball. That is the only way you can win money in the Big 10. Brazdeikis is going to have to have a big game, that is the only way Michigan wins this game. I truly think that Cowan Jr. and Fernando will have huge games and carry the Terrapins to the victory. I think that Maryland wins this game 68-63, so I would take Maryland +3 and the under 140ish. Since the lines are not released until the night before, I am completely guessing at the lines. But I do think that Maryland wins this game and I would take them in anything over or at +3. I would also take the under if and only if it is placed below 140, otherwise I’d leave it alone. I’ll update this later in the day, but Maryland wins this game. Official: Maryland +1.5 and the over 126.

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