Kings Slumping with Bagley Out

Unfortunately for Kings’ fans, Bagley went down with another left knee injury. Thankfully, even though he is going to have an MRI, it appears that it is just a simple knee sprain. However, issues are now emerging about how the Kings will be able to adjust without the 2nd overall pick anchoring the frontcourt.

Marvin Bagley has been the clear-cut second best rookie in this year’s draft (behind the godsend of Luka Doncic), and the Kings have benefited tremendously from him. Fox, Hield, Bogdanovic, Bjelica, and Bagley have been absolutely dominant. After trading for Harrison Barnes (a good 3-4 defensive player), they now have an amazing lineup set for the future (permitting their draft pick is good and well-chosen). Especially since they have over $40 million in cap space, they have a good chance of landing another couple players/an All-Star.

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I get ahead of myself though…

Without Bagley in the lineup, the starting center for them is now…well, not as good. Willie Cauley-Stein, Harry Giles, and Kosta Koufos are not the most capable of centers; all excelling in one area, but being abysmal in every other. Their offensive rating and rebound numbers will be taking a hit for sure, and the long-term health is called into question since this is his second injury on the same area of the body in one year.

I hope that the Kings can keep this miracle season together, and make the playoffs. I would love to see them try and make a run.

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