Northwestern Punter Jake Collins Needs Your Help to Fight Rare Diseases

This weekend is the most important job interview for college football players around the country. Pro days, the combine, the stakes have never been higher. Most athletes spend this time focusing on themselves, and rightfully so, but not Jake Collins. The former Western Kentucky turned Northwestern Punter is using time in the limelight to give back. More specifically, to the Rare Disease Community.

Collins has teamed up with Uplifting Athletes, a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring the Rare Disease Community through the power of sport. He wants to raise $1,000 in donations by the time of his Northwestern Pro Day on March 12. You can help in 1 of 2 ways:

Jake has thought of a brilliant way to give. You can choose to donate for every punt he kicks with a hangtime of 4 seconds or more. Collins is only projecting 7, but that is coming from his incredibly modest self. This form of giving may get a little pricey since my man only kicks BOMBS. You can give in increments of $25, $12, $6, $3 per kick.

The other way is just a one time donation. Any amount will go a long way in helping Jake reach his goal. The link to give is below:

Daily Northwestern

Can’t give, but still want to help? Throw Jake a retweet on his tweet below.

While you’re at it, follow us @soft7sports on Twitter, like and retweet this article. We will give $.10 for every like, $.25 for every retweet, and $.50 for every follow.

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