NCAA Basketball

It Was Raining Trash in Oxford after Ole Miss Loss to Tennessee

After losing a heartbreaker to Tennessee, 73-71, Ole Miss did the most Hotty Toddy thing that Ole Miss could do. There was trash everywhere. And I am not talking about the people of Mississippi, that would be mean. I am talking about how they threw trash on the court like they were Tyga at strip club.

So what made Rebel fans so angry? Well, Ole Miss was down 1 with 10 seconds remaining. They put up a three so heavily contested that it would make J.R. Smith proud. There was clear contact and a charge was called on Ole Miss which led to a technical foul and, ultimately, the Tennessee win.

Now, I am not going to get into whether or not it was a block or charge, that is more Rex Chapman’s thing. I am also not going to say that Ole Miss was right… but I get it. They desperately needed a big time win if they were going to have a shot at the NCAA tournament and if they had different officials, maybe the call would have gone their way. But throwing trash? Come on, guys.

I assume that the Ole Miss fans were all trying to hit the referees while doing their best Eli Manning impressions.

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