BREAKING: Harper to Philly

BREAKING: Well, it’s finally happened. Bryce Harper has finally signed and as I said months ago….it’s the Philadelphia Phillies. 13 years 330 million, with NO OPT out, wild. The Phillies now jump immediately into contention, especially with a weak NL East, minus Atlanta. The Phils now have the NL’s best outfield with Rhys Hoskins, Odubel Herrera, and Bryce Harper. Oh and not to mention they have Arrieta, Nola, Pivetta, and Velasquez in their rotation, so this Phillies team is not a joke.

Honestly what it came down to is money. Like I said back in November, there was one team stupid enough to spend the money for Harper, the money Harper wanted, and that was Philly. Philly is a town desperate for success after realizing the Eagles will never win another Super Bowl. So what better way to reclaim relevancy than signing baseballs greatest player (2nd tbh behind Trout).

The Phillies now move up in the NL. Does it put them in the playoffs? Maybe. I still think Atlanta has the better team, so they’ll have to beat out the combination of 2/3 of the NL central teams for a Wild Card position. But nevertheless, HUGE move for the Phillies.

Author: Juice

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