Tyler Herro Saves Kentucky from Night of Upsets

In a night of upsets including three top 25 teams going down to lower ranked opponents, Tyler Herro saved Kentucky from being the fourth. From being down by 11 at half to a 4 point win, Herro almost singlehandedly won Big Blue Nation tonight’s game.

UK Athletics

First upset was Ohio State obliterating Iowa in a 20 point blowout. Iowa Head Coach, Fran McCaffery, took the loss surprisingly well calling the referees “cheating motherf*****s” after the loss. Not sure how much the refs could have helped in a 20 point beatdown. OSU: 90- Iowa: 70

Next upset of the night came with Duke losing to Virginia Tech and America winning. Losing two of their last three all without Zion Williamson is surely leading to a hospital visit for Coach K. Va Tech: 77- Duke: 72

The night ended Indiana beating Wisconsin. This Indiana win was CONTENTIOUS. Probably 11 missed calls during the first and second overtime. Either way, Wisconsin beat themselves by letting Romeo Langford go right. IU: 75- WISC: 73

Sandwiched between those last two games was Kentucky vs. Arkansas. Of course, Arkansas jumped out to an early lead thanks to circus shots and an absolutely nobody getting hot from 3. Classic. On top of that, Kentucky could not stop turning the ball over. 28 points and 11 turnovers in the first half. Yes, that is also a James Harden statline.

Second half, Tyler Herro went full “wheelchair Paul Pierce”. No, he didn’t actually get in a wheelchair, no one is that dramatic, but he did sprain his right ankle before the end of the first half. The kid could not miss. He is getting all the Rex Chapman comparisons tonight and for very good reason.

On a limp ankle, Herro had one of the best scoring games a Calipari freshman has ever had with 29 points. He shot 9/10 from the field including 5/6 from three. Calipari even had him play 36 of the 40 minutes. Every time it looked like Arkansas was going to run away with it, Herro would hit them with a hezzy-hey or drain a contested three. Just something to show that he wasn’t afraid of them. He even told Arkansas players, “I’m a bucket” while getting buckets right before making the game winning free throws.

This was the game Kentucky needed from Herro in the absence of Reid Travis. Also, big time game from Sophomore Nick Richards (S/o KSR) who looks like he finally figured out that he is 7’0″ tall.

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