Odds on Robert Kraft’s Punishment

I am sure we have all heard by now of Patriots Owner Robert Kraft officially being charged with soliciting a prostitute in Jupiter, Florida. This came as a shock to some while others were just happy that Space Force was finally working cooperatively with Jupiter Police. If you’re like me, you were wondering if there was a way you could get involved with a serious investigation. Well, now you can.

The fine people over at betonline.ag release some phenomenal ideas of things to bet on everyday. Not an endorsement, sadly they do not sponsor us, but I am a daily visitor because there is always a prop that makes me laugh. Today’s find, “Odds on Robert Kraft’s punishment”.

Perfect chance to get some skin in the game without having to go to the actual massage parlor. Link to the odds are in the tweet above, and a screenshot of the odds are below.

I can already tell how this is going to pan out. Kraft is going to get in very little legal trouble, but that is not going to stop Roger Goodell from throwing the book at him. I’ve heard that Goodell may even dock the Patriots some draft picks. Either way, here is exactly how to bet on his punishment.

If suspended, how long? Not sure Kraft will get suspended at all. I highly doubt it. HOWEVVA *Stephen A. Smith voice* Goodell wants the Patriots to suffer and has been waiting for any excuse to ruin that franchise. Also, Kraft getting suspended is nothing. All it means is that he cannot watch games in his owner’s suite, so he will have to watch in his multi-million dollar mansion. Oh, the humanity. Take 1-4 weeks at +200.

To be found guilty or plea guilty? There’s supposedly a video of Kraft doing, or receiving I guess, the act in question, so I think he will cut a deal for minimal punishment if that is true. Take Yes at -500.

Still owner of Pats Week 1 2019? Yes, don’t be stupid. Take Yes at -1500 if that is even worth betting on.

See the source image

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