Bill Self on the Hot Seat- Kansas Basketball Breaking the Streak

The year of our Lord 2019 is the year of things coming to an end that were a long time coming. The Bengals finally got rid of the cancer that was Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson, Joe Flacco and Baltimore have gone their separate ways, no one is dabbing anymore and Kansas will not win the Big 12 regular season.

Kansas has been on a decline for some time now. Even during the decline, they continued winning the Big 12 regular season every year. Let’s not pretend like that is in any way impressive though. The last time they were even challenged was when Kevin Durant was at Texas and Blake Griffin was at Oklahoma.

The one saving grace for Bill Self was that he always won the Big 12. This, for some reason, kept the doubters quiet. They were content with one title in 16 years and the occasional Final 4 as long as they had their precious conference title. This year though, they get nothing. So now the question has to be asked, is Bill Self on the hot seat?


Blue Blood programs are held to a higher standard than other schools even in the same conference. For instance, if John Calipari doesn’t win another title in a couple years, his job will be in jeopardy while Frank Martin of South Carolina will ride that one Final 4 into retirement. Bill Self is not immune to this despite the fact this has gone on way too long.

As I mentioned earlier, Bill Self has only won one title in 16 years. Real Tom Izzo level stuff there. I would have said Bengals level, but Self actually won something once. Basically, what I am getting at is that Kansas is rewarding Self’s mediocrity. I am surprised that Kansas fans are not calling for his head. In my opinion, I would fire him at the end of the season, but if they don’t want to, I would be happy never seeing Kansas win another title ever again.

Follow us on Twitter @soft7sports for more Kansas hate as they continue to lose, but for more Kansas hate right now, here’s them losing to Kentucky in the 2012 championship game.

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