Enes Kanter Wastes No Time Offending Knicks Fans

After a rough and rocky break up with the New York Knicks, Enes Kanter found his way to Portland. Now, Kanter seems to want to burn every bridge he has ever crossed. His home country of Turkey has excommunicated him, he never had a good relationship with James Dolan (no one has, let’s be honest) and he is wasting no time making sure Knicks fans hate him too.

Kanter took to Twitter after his first win with the Trail Blazers:

read the comments for a good laugh

Kyrie likes to troll the media, but Kanter is trolling entire countries. He is officially the best NBA Twitter troll. From what I can surmise, it looks like the only fanbase that still supports him is my fellow Kentucky fans. Gotta look out for your own… even if he didn’t technically play for us.

Also, if you told me a couple months ago that Enes Kanter was going to be in Portland, Oregon, I would have assumed that he was in Witness Protection.

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