Should Zion Sit Out?

Last night in Durham, Duke got their butt smacked by North Carolina. North Carolina came in with a better game-plan and just played better all around for the whole game. Credit to Roy for formulating an amazing game-plan and his team for executing it to a T….but Zion did get hurt. 36 seconds into the game, Zion went down awkwardly and at first it seemed like he just broke his shoe but then he went to the locker room and every heart in America stopped.

Zion is the best player in college basketball, I do not think anyone will argue that. He is averaging almost 22 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 assists and his plus/minus is above 24. Duke has 3 of the top 5 prospects, yet Zion is still their most important and the fact that when he is on the court, Duke is 24 points better and that is just an absurd stat. Zion is going to be the number one pick regardless of how this season turns out, so should he be playing?

Image result for zion shoe
Zion’s Shoe

In my opinion, Zion should sit out the rest of the year. Zion is the number one pick in the NBA Draft. That is at least over 41 million (Ayton’s contract) that he will get next season. If this injury drops him below pick 15, then he gets 8 million from Duke in insurance, but I do not see that happening. Folks, Zion got lucky, very lucky. His knee twisted and it could have been an ACL or MCL and he could be out for a year max, but he got lucky and it was just a mild sprain. My question is why would he risk it again?

I know what everyone is saying, “he wants to win a championship, he will play” and that’s probably true, but if I were in his situation I would not play. Zion is a freak of nature. He is 6’7″ and 284 pounds, yet he is in amazing shape and his muscles are bigger than I am. He is at one of the most prestigious colleges in America but he should leave and go train in LA or NY. Zion just needs to leave the college scene and focus on being 100% healthy and focus on bringing the Knicks their first title in forever. Keep in mind, I am a Kentucky fan and just went through this with Reid, but Reid isn’t Zion and unlike Zion, Reid is playing for a first round pick.

Yow know my opinion, now let’s hear yours. Please vote below.

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