RuSSeLl WiLsOn tO tHe GiANtS

Take this with every grain of salt in the entire world. There are a lot of news outlets that are reporting on the Russell Wilson to the Giants rumor for clicks, so I wanted to first and foremost tell the real story while also getting my fair share.

Colin Cowherd, in his normal incoherent ramblings, suggested that Russell Wilson will go to New York, because it would make his wife, Ciara, happy. I guess Cowherd decided that the day that Manny Machado signed with the Padres was a slow news day so he decided to grace the world with another one of his god awful takes.

Cowherd said: “Wilson’s wife is Ciara. She is a singer and an entertainer. She would prefer to live in New York. The Giants need a quarterback, and there’s nobody in the draft they love. So, just remember this. A lot of things add up: Last year of Russell’s contract. His wife would prefer New York. Seattle is not an entertainment mecca. … The Giants need a star quarterback to replace Eli [Manning].”

There were no rumors, no ramblings and no whispers. He simply just made it up to watch the internet explode. Before you want to ever give him the benefit of the doubt, remember that this is the same guy that thought Baker would flop in his rookie season and had all of these other terrible, horrible, no good, very bad takes.

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