We Have ANOTHER Tennis Scandal, 5 Arrested in France

Just a week after Spanish officials busted a match fixing ring run by the Armenian mob, another match fixing scandal has been undone in France. It is not known whether the two are related, but we do know who was in charge. A 28-year-old named Grigor Sargsyan who calls himself the “maestro”.

While Sargsyan is being held in a Belgian prison, police have also arrested four players; Jules Okala, Mick Lescure, Yannick Thivant and Jerome Inzerillo for their roles in the heist. None of these four competed near the highest level of tennis. About a dozen others are expected to be questioned for their role in the scandal.

Just like the Spanish match fixing ring, players would intentionally lose games, sets or matches while the “maestro” and his guys (or girls, it’s 2019) would bet between $500 to $3,000.

First, I would like to point out how lame the “maestro” is. He’s a 28-year-old mastermind who orchestrated a match fixing ring in the lower levels of French tennis. He really couldn’t have come up with a better nickname than the one every Italian mob boss has used since prohibition? I’m not one to victim shame, but how did this guy ever get people to trust him?

I miss the good ole days of tennis. We used to just check in every now and then just to se how good Serena still is or to remind everyone that she is a mother. Everything was fine and good in the world. Now, we have had two match fixing scandals in the last two months.

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