NCAA Football

Remember When Alabama Won More Games in Jerry World than the Cowboys

The year was 2015. Left Shark stole the Super Bowl Halftime Show, we met Caitlyn Jenner, Lamar Odom did everything he could to break the Kardashian Kurse, one dress broke the internet and Subway Jared went full R. Kelly. Also, “AmERicA’s TeAm” disappointed their irrational fanbase worse than ever.

Not only did the Cowboys go 4-12, they weren’t even the winningest team in their own stadium. Even worse, the team that won more games wasn’t even an NFL team. It was the Alabama Crimson Tide. Don’t believe me?

Alabama wins in AT&T Stadium in 2015:
Sept. 5, 2015- Alabama vs. Wisconsin: 35-17
Dec. 31, 2015- Alabama vs. Michigan State: 38-0 (Cotton Bowl)

Dallas Cowboys wins in AT&T Stadium in 2015:
Sept. 13, 2015- Cowboys vs. Giants: 27-26

Feel free to fact check me on that. Kinda hard to be America’s team when you can’t even be the best team in your own gazillion dollar stadium. Also, it’s not like Alabama was playing some cupcake teams. They played a very good Wisconsin team in the season opener and Michigan State in the College Football Playoff Semi-final.

This was some serious old-school Browns level stuff and I am glad it happened to Dallas.

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