Breaking: Reid Travis Out With A Sprained Right Knee

Some breaking news out of Lexington today, Reid Travis is officially out with a sprained right knee. This will keep Reid out a few weeks, but there is some hope he can return by the start of the SEC Tournament. Honestly Reid can be out as long as he wants, I just need him back for the NCAA. Kentucky has finally hit their stride and this just deflates everything. Now, Kentucky can still win out due to their insane depth in the front court, but it will rely a lot more on EJ, PJ, and Nick.

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EJ and Nick have been the people to come in and relieve PJ and Reid, but they now turn into key minutes and they have to be a lot smarter with fouls. With four talented bigs, Kentucky could be more aggressive but now they have to make sure they avoid foul trouble.

So what should you expect? Expect Kentucky to lose. That will happen. One of the reasons PJ has been so explosive is because Reid is so tough in the paint. Without Reid, PJ will have to be the brute in the lineup and if he does it well, EJ or Nick will go off. As I look at the schedule, we have five games left. Kentucky will finish the season winning at least 3 of 5, but I expect they only lose one to Tennessee. Ole Miss is a tough game to play without Reid, but I think Kentucky wins that without Reid.

All and all Kentucky will be okay. They might not win the SEC Tournament, but who cares? Cal does not even want to show up for the SEC Tournament, saying “who will notice if we skip it, it does nothing for us.” Kentucky will win the Title if Reid is healthy for the real tournament. They probably won’t be a one seed and probably won’t get the Louisville Regional, but I still expect them to make a huge run, to the final four and win it all. Just get healthy for the final push, Reid.

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