The Best Fantasy League You Need to Join

The passing of the 2018-2019 NFL season (RIPIP 2018-2019) also brought the end of yet another fantasy football season. While basketball will fill the need for watchable sports, fantasy sports will be seriously lacking.

Let’s be real here. Fantasy basketball sucks. Having to change your lineup everyday, only three spots on your bench, SO MANY games; it’s just a lot of keep up with. Fantasy baseball, soccer, golf, and even rugby are all even harder to understand and stay on top of. But I think I have found the one fantasy league that is actually for everybody that is easy to use, understand and score all the points in the game and out.

I, of course, am talking about ABC’s The Bachelor Fantasy League. Wait, no no no no no… hear me out. It is a brand new fantasy league that is based entirely on prop bets. They show you all the possible scenarios and you select contestants based on if you think they will do those things. You don’t even have to watch to get the satisfaction, but it does make it a lot better.

It is almost too easy to rack up some serious points, but this will get you points outside the game too. Your girlfriend will be ecstatic that you are finally taking an interest in something she likes, but really you are just playing fantasy. You’ll look like you have a soft spot for the oh so romantic game shows, but really you just wanted to exert your fantasy dominance.

This is a great way to get a girl involved as well. Any girl would love to play and it is a great testing ground for when fantasy football starts up again. The best part of all of this… if you use ESPN Fantasy then you already have an account. Check it out:

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Author: Wic

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