France Declares Lightsaber Dueling a Competitive Sport

The French fencing federation has officially recognized lightsaber dueling as a a competitive sport, the AP reports. Imagine the normal foils, epees and sabres used in regular fencing and replace them with LED-lit plastic swords.

The AP explains it all in this video. WARNING: kinda cringeworthy.

This announcement came as a result of concerns for public health. A member for the French fencing federation said that young people only exercise their thumbs and it has been coming increasingly more difficult to get young people up and moving. So why not try to solve this problem by taking advantage of a rising niche activity.

France has seen a recent increase in interest in lightsaber dueling and decided they need an established set of rules. Yes, lightsaber dueling is exactly what I thought of when figuring out what needs to be reformed in France. By combining a current trend with France’s affinity for the Star Wars movie franchise and need to get moving, we have a sanctioned sport that would have gotten someone bullied 5 years ago.

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