Why Tennessee Is the Most Annoying Team in Basketball

There are many annoying teams in NCAA Basketball, but one blows the others out of the water. To truly be the most annoying team of the season, not only does the team have to do all kinds of irritating things, but they also must be hyped up by their arrogant fanbase. Kentucky could be the most annoying, even Duke, and Louisville’s 3-point announcer irks me enough to make me mute my TV except for when Ryan McMahon is in the game. I would take arguments for any team, but Tennessee is the worst of all and here are 5 reasons why:

Swagger Jacking
There are 2 serious offenses. Let’s start with those warm-up pants. Team color and white vertical stripes… what does that remind us of? Tennessee straight up jacked Indiana’s warm-ups. Then there is the way that they end their pre-game warm-ups. One player, I never bothered to see who it was since I sure as hell won’t have to remember it for the NBA, does some crazy dunk and the rest of the team jumps with him. Cool. Their fans go crazy for it having no idea they stole this from Murray State. While these normally aren’t teams that a top 5 squad should copy, maybe Tennessee should given that Indiana and Murray State both have players projected in the lottery of the next NBA draft and they don’t even have one in the first round.

Good Once Every 4 Years
Tennessee is a lot like Ohio State or Oklahoma. They are scary good for one maybe two years and then fall back into irrelevance once a couple good players leave. Only difference is that when Tennessee does it, they pretend like they are God’s gift to basketball. I get a strong “new money” vibe from this team. Once Schofield, Bone, and Williams leave they will be back to having their rivalry with Vanderbilt.

Not sure what this is for, unless we started giving out hats and shirts for the regular season.

That Gaudy Ass Orange
I think we can all agree on this one. Tennessee has the worst color of all time and they put it on everything. There is something that is just so irritating about that shade and how it is actually everywhere. It sticks out like a sore thumb in every crowd.

Worst Trash Talk
This was something I noticed against Kentucky. Everyone was talking on both sides, but the camera caught Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield several times. First, if you are going to talk smack on the court with a name like Admiral, you have to be able to back it up. He could not. His favorite thing to yell was “he can’t guard me”, referring to PJ Washington. In a shocking turn of events, PJ could. Schofield shot 7-18 and was only the fourth highest scorer in game behind, you guessed it, PJ Washington. Grant Williams was also jawing quite a bit, so maybe that explains why he was on his back for most of the game.

Wayne Chism’s Headband
Being completely honest, I loved Wayne Chism’s headband, but this was the last cool thing that ever happened to Tennessee Basketball. Keep in mind, he hasn’t played for them since the 2009-2010 season. Only two decent NBA players, NO FINAL FOURS, one Elite 8, really nothing cool about UT. Just Wayne Chism’s headband.

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