Sunday Watch: The Umbrella Academy

If you’re looking for a dark weird creepy version of the X-Men, then Netflix: The Umbrella Academy is that show for you. The Umbrella Academy is a comic book adaptation that is broken into 10 different, about an hour long, episodes. Ellen Page is the star of this show while the rest of the cast supports her in fantastic fashion. This story follows a group of kids (now adults) with super powers, all born on the same day, and then adopted by a billionaire. The premise is that this group of 8 kids were all born under suspect circumstances, being that all of their mothers out of nowhere had kids (which they gruesomely represented in a pool scene). Most of the kids have powers from being able to talk to the dead, to mind control, and having a tentacle monster come out of them and rip people to shreds. It’s pretty aweosme.

Although I put a lot of emphasis on their childhood, this story takes place almost entirely during their adult lives. With the exception of flashbacks to when they were kids, their lives as grown up, miserable adults, comes to turn when they all have to come home after their father dies. The team has been broken up for 9 years now and what is to come will reunite them for one more battle. Their fathers death comes unexpected, but most of the family is honestly happy to see he’s died. He was brutal to them, never giving them a shred of love, just training them to be attack machines, and so lovingly naming them numbers 1-7. This story goes through twists and turns with the central focus being; in about 5 days the world is going to end. I went into this with no understanding of how this story came to be and only having seen the trailer, but boy was I in for a weird ride.


That being said, I surprisingly enjoyed it. It is mundane and odd at times, but that adds to it’s uniqueness. It turns out that this story was actually written by Gerard Way from my teenage angst favorite band, My Chemical Romance. The Netflix series is a relaxed adaptation of the comic book’s and from what I understand, Gerard was one of the executive producers of the show, which shows great promise that it stayed somewhat true to the comics. There have been 12 issues written along with 3 short stories that correspond.

Syfy Wire

The Umbrella Academy is the kind of superhero/mystery genre that seems to come up in every movie or tv show nowadays. However, the way its represented is totally unique. From Time Travel to a talking monkey (shout out to my boy Pogo), The Umbrella Academy really was great. I give this show a 7.3/10. I honestly could have gone higher but I think the surprise and emotional response I got out of it is what is making me think its better than it was. That being said, you should absolutely go watch it.

Each one of these kids, except for one, has a special power and how they are able to react and work together will impact the future forever. It really is hard to write out the premise of this story without it sounding like a bad acid trip because it’s that random, but thats what I’m drawn to. When a story can be so out there and so different from the norm, and it works, thats the sign of a great piece of film. Go give this show a watch, let me know what you think, and leave me some comments on what I should watch and review next.

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