The Bengals Rite of Passage

Well Zac Taylor already has a fun start to being the new head coach. In continuation with the demise of my favorite sports franchise, Mark Walton of the Cincinnati Bengals has been arrested for some sort of battery misdemeanor. It’s almost a ritual at this point that if you want to be on the Bengals, you have to have been arrested. Now I obviously don’t condone this sort of violence, it is a horrible thing to conceive and I hope everyone is ok at the end of the day. Mark Walton was drafted in the fourth round last year and is like a third string backup or something. Walton played in 14 games and had an incredible 75 total yards on the season. Now I obviously don’t know the specifics of what happened, and the Bengals are taking a look into the situation, whatever that means. I really hope this was all blown out of proportion and he slapped the girls phone out of her hand or something stupid, but if not, he should be gone.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Honestly I just want a team of all Carlos Dunlaps. This man does an incredible job standing up to bullying and it’s something I wish everyone on the team could get behind. But some obviously just can’t keep control on their mitts. We have one of the most crime riddled franchises in all of sports. Yes ladies, that does mean we’re bad boys. But this isn’t what I want the team that I love to be known as.

I would rather us be known as the team that loses every playoff game then the one that has the most arrests. We have to do better Cincinnati. At the end of the day, these guys are role models to kids and people who can’t grow up and take sports way to seriously (me), and we need them to act as the role models they have involuntarily signed up to be. I love this team and this city, but this is starting to just get sad. Do better guys, Who Dey.

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