Glen “Big Baby” Davis Avoids Jail Time

Back in February of 2018, beloved former Celtics Power Forward was arrested for ALLEGEDLY having over a quarter-pound of marijuana in his hotel room. Police say that they uncovered 126 grams of weed and $92,164 of cash in a briefcase.

When interviewed, Big Baby said, “I’m no drug dealer.” I believe him 100%. My man is innocent.

See the source image

When Davis was initially arrested, he was given 7 charges including felony drug possession and intent to sell. He could have gotten up to 5 years in prison. Thankfully, Davis was able to to reach an agreement with Maryland prosecutors and avoid all jail time. Here’s how:

Davis’ case is being put on what is known as a “Stet Docket”. So his case is basically inactive unless he gets in legal trouble within the next 3 years. Essentially, it is probation without a conviction. And all Big Baby had to do was pay $15,000 in exchange for having the charges dropped. Kinda sounds like a bribe, but I’d allow it for Davis.

I am so glad Glen Davis was able to avoid jail time. What I am most surprised about it that I heard Big Baby Davis’ name in the news before I heard about the legalization of marijuana.

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