Odds to Land Manny Machado

We are less than two weeks away from Spring Training and the two biggest names in free agency have yet to sign. Manny Machado and Bryce Harper still have not signed with a team. Not due to a lack of effort either. The White Sox have offered 7 years and $175 million, but it looks like that isn’t good enough. The most recent update is that Machado has met with the Padres for the second time…

Juice wrote the other day about possible collusion going on between owners. They do not want to pay exorbitant amounts of money to players who have no guarantee of paying off. Just look at how bad the Yankees got burned on Jacoby Ellsbury. Only problem is that Machado is waiting for Harper to sign and Harper is waiting for Machado to sign. They want the other to set the precedent for the market value of superstars. Machado about nothing if you ask me.

But after all, Machado has to sign somewhere if he wants to play this season. Here are the most recent odds on where he lands.

Once more updated odds are released, I am sure that it will include the Padres as favorites. We thought that Machado was going to sign with the Yankees. Dan Clark, who is normally a trusted source, even tweeted that he did right before he deleted his Twitter for a little while. Now, it looks like the Yankees are only the third most likely team. I am going to say it now, Manny Machado will cave first and take the White Sox offer.

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Author: Wic

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