BREAKING: Pelicans GM Dell Demps Fired

…yeah, wow right?

I had been hearing rumors that that the Pels were unhappy with the whole AD no-trade conclusion. I had also been hearing that ownership of the Pels were still on good terms with Demps. What I had heard throughout the organization was that Demps was going to be able to make the trade, and (pending what trade ending up occurring) maybe even make it through the rebuild process.

Boy did that script change in a short time period.

Turns out the Pels ownership hated how the AD no-trade saga went. But the real reason Demps got fired was because DEmps not only let AD play, but that he got hurt. Reports have come out that they were “livid” when he got hurt last night, and they have essentially been debating it since he left the game. Of course, it seems that they made it final today.

It sucks that this is how it went down for Dell. It is a sad thing that the player that requested a trade AND YOU REFUSED TO TRADE got hurt. Also, this now hurts his trade stock, seeing as there is no reason for a team to break its bank to get a hurt player. While AD is AD, and they will get ample return, they won’t be able to get a new starting 5. Coupled with the facts that they are now completely out of playoff contention AND that it is after the trade deadline only sting more.

Dell Demps and the Pels organization are both inept, but this still stings. It sucks that a man in now unemployed and unable to provide for his family, but he did suck. He should have launched a full rebuild, but his own pride refused to let him see the writing on the walls.

As I am sure they may say down in N’Orleans, “Au revoir.”

Author: soft7buck

Just a dude with sick flow writing about his favorite things in the world...well, in the sports' world that is

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