Top 8 Quarterbacks in the AAF for Week 2

The Alliance is back! Week one gave us just what we needed to talk us off the ledge after the NFL season ended. Big hits that the NFL would have flagged, quarterbacks that could not hit the broad side of a barn and Steve Spurrier not taking anything seriously. Exactly what I needed. I am all in on the AAF and the AAF quarterbacks. Let’s look at the best and worst of them for Week 2.

8. Phillip Nelson, San Diego Fleet
Move over Rivers, we got a new Phillip in town. Nelson jumped around a lot during college. Minnesota to Rutgers to East Carolina and I expect him to continue to do that for the rest of his football career. Dude is garbage even for AAF standards. Don’t tell him I said that though on account that he left (was forcible removed from) Rutgers after he left a guy with permanent brain damage after a bar fight.

7. Matt Simms, Atlanta Legends
Matt Simms, son of NFL Legend Phil Simms, had a shaky start to his AAF career, but hey, he’s a rookie. All of these guys are. I am not rooting against anyone, but I really want to see his back-up Aaron Murray play again. After all, Matt is the best back-up QB name in history.

6. Josh Woodrum, Salt Lake Stallions
Even at the young age of 26 years old, Josh Woodrum has been cut from 5 NFL teams. That may sound like a lot, but I think it is a pre-requisite to be offered an AAF job. Woodrum went out with a hamstring injury last week, so we didn’t get to see too much of him, but I am looking forward to seeing exactly what those NFL teams couldn’t.

5. Logan Woodside, San Antonio Commanders
Woodside actually put up some decent stats in his first game. Throwing for 250+ yards really makes me wonder why the Bengals got rid of him. How could Cincinnati throw away a guy that can complete passes? He only threw 2 interceptions as well. That’s less than the Bengals are used to.

4. Luis Perez, Birmingham Irons
The Division II all-star himself, Luis Perez. I was pretty impressed by his play this past weekend. Luckily, Trent Richardson had the most Trent Richardson game off all time and snagged 2 touchdowns as his defense pitched a shut out leading him to an easy 26-0 win.

3. Christian Hackenburg, Memphis Express
Say what you will about him being third in this list, but he has the most potential out of anyone in this league. At only 23 years old, the AAF is just a place for him to hone his skills on the way back to the NFL. He isn’t going to be a superstar or anything, but a solid second string option seems reasonable. Expect a major turnaround from his shaky Week 1 performance some time soon.

2. John Wolford, Arizona Hotshots
Wolford is going to be the Tom Brady of this league. Last week, he threw for 275 yards and 4 touchdowns. Pretty solid stat line that was the difference maker in a lot of AAF fantasy leagues. This guy is legit. He even beat out Trevor Knight for the starting job.

1. Garrett Gilbert, Orlando Apollos
Every Tom Brady needs their Nick Foles, and he has got one in Garrett Gilbert. You may recognize the name from the 2010 National Championship game. He was the guy that replaced Colt McCoy after he got injured. He has Steve Spurrier drawing up all of the long ball passes. Actually, Spurrier may not being doing anything at all, just running Four Verticals from Madden. Gilbert had two passing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown. Firmly making him John Wolford’s villain or his Nick Foles.

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