Knicks Building a Super Team

We all thought that Kristaps Porzingas being out for the season meant certain lottery status for the Knicks. Knicks fans thought their franchise was broken beyond repair when they traded him to Dallas. Fear not Knickerbockers. This season’s suffering will not go without reward. Despite the 18-game losing streak, the Knicks will win the East next season.

The New York Knicks are going to make some serious moves this offseason. By trading PorzinGOD, they have now opened enough cap space to sign two max players. The most popular potential moves that I have seen would be to sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The virtually unlimited cap space they have will lead to many other doors in seasons in to come.

On top of securing 2 top 15 players in the offseason, they are also stampeding towards the first overall pick in the next NBA Draft. The only other team that I could see taking the first pick from them are Cavs, but their loss streak is only 1. They simply cannot compete with the Knicks persistence at 18. My freezing cold take on who they will pick is Zion Williamson. Easily one of the best and most pro-ready players in college right now.

The Knicks already have a lot of solid role players, but no stars. Kevin Knox, DeAndre Jordan, Mario Hezonja, Dennis Smith Jr., and Noah Vonleh are all difference makers and would fare very well within a system of established all-stars.

See the source image
Kevin Knox dunking on Ben Simmons: Rookie on Rookie crime

Potential Starting 5 if this all works out.

PG- Kyrie Irving
SF- Kevin Knox
SF- Zion Williamson
PF- Kevin Durant
C- DeAndre Jordan

Dennis Smith Jr.
Noah Vonleh
Mario Hezonja

See the source image

That is a very formidable team that everyone is going to have to look out for. I would take that team over the Warriors 7 days a week and twice on Sunday especially if Klay Thompson leaves to join LeBron in LA.

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