Denver Broncos Finally Get An Elite Quarterback

It has been officially announced that the Baltimore Ravens have agreed to trade elite quarterback Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos. It is still unknown what the Broncos will give up for Flacco, but analysts seem to think that it will be a mid-round pick in the upcoming draft. The trade will remain in principle until March.

The Broncos already have Case Keenum. Are you thinking what I am thinking? The most unwatchable, mediocre quarterback battle is about to ensue. The Denver quarterback situation is going to be an absolute fuster cluck next season. Just making the conspiracy that John Elway securing himself as the best quarterback in Broncos history that much more clear.

If Flacco plays, the Case Keenum crowd is going to be riding the high of that one good season in Minnesota while blaming last year’s disaster on Vance Joseph and demand Keenum start. If Keenum plays, the “Joe Flacco is Elite” goons are going to demand that Denver let him ruin another team. While all of this is happening, the smart Broncos fans are going to wish that we had $wag Kelly back.

Author: Wic

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