AAF High-Tech Footballs Get Trent Richardson Penalized

Trent Richardson, one of the biggest NFL busts to come out of Alabama, is getting a second chance in the brand new Alliance of American Football. He plays with the Birmingham Irons who got off to an amazing start in the AAF season. They knocked off the Memphis Express 26-0 and Trent Richardson had the most Trent Richardson game of all time.

Richardson had 58 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. Please find me a more Trent Richardson stat line if there even is one. After he scored the second touchdown, he spiked the ball out of the back out the endzone and sent it into the stands. “There’s a souvenir for a lucky fan.” Richardson was assess a 15 yard penalty for the spike.

Unlike the NFL, the AAF gives 15 yard penalties instead of fining players. May be a good thing since I have no idea how much these players make. But the real reason they are so strict on this is because of the technology that goes into the. Each AAF official football has a chip in it that tracks the speed and trajectory of ball whenever it is kicked or thrown. The AAF, citing budgetary reasons, have decided that their footballs and chips are too valuable to give to fans.

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