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Morning Juice, Tuesday Edition

Welcome back to your favorite gambling aid, Morning Juice. I know it’s not Saturday, but there are four great games, easy winners too. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity. To recap, 5-1 at first then 3-3, and last week i was 3-2-1 which brings us to 11-6-1, so let’s get started.

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#12 Purdue @ #24 Maryland

We’ll start in Maryland where the once relevant Terrapins try to regain relevance against a surging Purdue squad. This has the opportunity to be an amazing game, but it’s a shame it won’t be watched by most. When these two last played, it was 62-60 and Purdue won off of a last second block by Nojel Eastern. My first bet in this special edition is the under in this game. The last time they played, they totaled 122 and the current over/under is set at 141, so take the under. For Purdue, Carson Edwards needs to go off. He is their leading scorer and needs to get his for Purdue to have a chance. Nojel needs to be consistent, which I think he’ll do again. For Maryland, Anthony Cowan Jr needs to be confident and find his shot. Lately, it has taken him awhile to warm up (much like Tyler Herro) but when he does, he’s lights out. That will be how Maryland wins this one, 63-54. Take Maryland moneyline and the under 141.

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#11 Michigan State @ 20 Wisconsin

Ugh, Big Ten basketball is so boring. Wisconsin had a big chance against Michigan and lost it this weekend, so this game means something to them. I really don’t care about this game other than Ethan Happ and I want Tom Izzo to suffer. Like Wic so beautifully put last week, go check it out But, bet Wisconsin. They will win this game and bounce back 66-59. Take Wisconsin moneyline.

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#19 LSU @ #5 Kentucky

10 straight wins from the boys in blue. This week, we get maybe the best week in Rupp for awhile. We get two top 20 matchups (1 is top 5) in one of the craziest atmosphere in college hoops. LSU is 9-1 in the SEC and so are the Cats. This game is huge for Kentucky. They need PJ to be a bully. He needs to get his double double and the same goes for Reid. The bigs are huge in this game because LSU could shoot lights out or miss all the time and you need rebounds! LSU needs to come to play. They need Reid and Waters to come in and play explosive. Waters needs to bully PJ or Reid and drag them into foul trouble, otherwise they won’t have a shot. If they can get Richards to play significant minutes, LSU stands a chance. Keldon and Herro need to get going early, too. Keldon has played very sluggish in the SEC and he needs that to turn around if he wants to get drafted. I think Kentucky wins this game, big. I will take the over 149 and the Cats -9. This game will set up a huge, HUGE, SEC game Saturday against Tennessee. Spoiler there: Cats win by 3….Kentucky 87-65.

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#2 Duke @ #16 Louisville

If Louisville would have won on Saturday, I’d care more. I’ll still watch this matchup, mainly because I find the Zion/Nwora matchup interesting. Zion is a freak, no doubt about it, but Nwora is a weird athletic type and I get a feeling it could be fun. Regardless, this game will go as far as RJ and Tyus take them. Zion will get his, RJ is more iffy. For Louisville, get Zion out in the first half. Attack him. If you attack him, get him out for 10+ minutes, get a lead, then you may have a chance. Also, Duke has been starting slow recently, minus Virginia, but if they do that against Louisville, watch for the upset. If anyone could do it, it’s Chris Mack. I do not think it happens. I think Kentucky was a preview for how this Duke Louisville matchup goes. Kentucky won handily in Yum! and I expect Duke to do the same. I’ll take Duke -6.5.

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