Exactly How to Stop Ben Simmons

On February 10, the Philadelphia 76ers took on the Los Angeles Lakers. The Sixers won 143-120, but Ben Simmons really did not help all that much. He only had 8 points, 7 assists, and 3 rebounds. More of a Lonzo stat line if you ask me.

So how did the Lakers hold him to such a bad night? They did not do anything spectacular. In fact, they did not do anything at all. Take a look at how LeBron guards him on this play.

Everyone know that Ben Simmons cannot shoot. Well, at least not on the basketball court. He is dating Kendall Jenner after all. Simmons can take just about anyone to the rack. This includes LeBron James. The best way to keep him from scoring is only guard him from where he can score from. Within 5 feet of the basket.

Don’t let Simmons take you off the dribble. Don’t let him get the separation or get you off balance near the rim. Guard him within the circle only. What is he going to do, shoot a three?

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