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College Gameday Coming Back to Kentucky

ESPN’s College Gameday is coming back to Lexington this Saturday, February 16th, for top 5 matchup of Tennessee vs. Kentucky. Normally, CGD only goes to a place once in any given season, but bigger programs seem to get leeway on this unwritten rule. Kentucky, of course, is one of the exceptions. The first time the Gameday guys came to Lexington was for the Kentucky vs. Kansas game, a top 10 matchup on January 26.

Gameday tries to go where the best game will be every week. A top 5 matchup is almost certainly a lock for a Gameday location even if they were there just 3 weeks ago. They will be changing venue, however, and Gameday will be at 9AM at Memorial Coliseum on campus.

It was an awesome experience the first time they came and half of Rupp Arena was packed just to hear Jay Bilas shoot his shot at Zion Williamson. The show itself from 11-12 was pretty great, but the off-camera portion from 9-11 needs to be better and it was Kentucky’s fault.

Sure, we got to get up and cheer when it would cut to us for a promo, but we let College Gameday down every other step of the way. I am surprised they came back to be honest. At every Gameday event, they do some activities with the fans off-air. One activity is Q&A session for fans to ask the analysts whatever they want. Somehow Kentucky fans dropped the ball on this one.

Fans asked the dumbest, most rhetorical questions of all time like “HOW DOES IS FEEL (yes, they were screaming into the microphone) TO BE IN THE BEST HOME OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL?” The analysts just looked at each other. They are there to report on the game, not stroke the fragile Kentucky fan ego. Let’s be better this time.

See ya there.

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