Steve Harvey’s Plan to Stop Tom Brady (VIDEO)

Everybody loves Steve Harvey. He is a timeless treasure. I, for one, am very glad that the Miss Universe Pageant debacle did not ruin his hosting career. Steve proved once again that he is one of the best hosts ever when he emceed The NFL Honors on February 2nd.

Like a lot of people, Steve Harvey is tired of Tom Brady winning Super Bowls. Turns out, he has plan to stop him. Take a look:

He’s obviously joking, but I can see why CBS would have a problem with it… Tom Brady has made them a lot of money. I thought this was absolutely hilarious. Especially, when he told everyone that they could not go to the Super Bowl because Tom Brady was alive and no NFL player laughed. The most he got from any player was a smirk and head shake from Aaron Rodgers. Then he mentioned his plan to kill Tom Brady and some players looked like they were thinking “keep talking”.

Absolutely perfect opening monologue. Never change, Steve.

Author: Wic

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