Best Fat Athletes

We all love a fat athlete. The clinically obese lineman (don’t tell them I said that) always make us feel better about ourselves. We love seeing someone just like us doing something spectacular. Every athlete is skinny now, even the professional eaters.

But there are some fatties still out there doing great things. I am not one to body shame, especially because all of these people can outrun me, but I do love MY people, the out of shape soft 7’s, represented at the biggest stage.
Here are the best (non-lineman) fat athletes in the game:

Zion Williamson
Zion is an absolute UNIT. At 285 pounds, if he were to go to Cleveland, fans would have a tough time distinguishing between him and the Goodyear Blimp. I am not sure about the physics behind it, but no one that heavy should be able to float the way he does.

CJ Anderson
We got to see a new side of CJ Anderson in the NFL Playoffs. In fact, it was hard to miss. He wasn’t always fat though. After he won the Super Bowl with the Broncos, he decided to let loose and bro down. He bounced around a lot after that, and not just team to team. He made this list because, even as a fat guy, he was still taking snaps from Todd Gurley.

Enes Kanter
This man would have LOVED the Clemson championship dinner at the White House. A month ago, Kanter took Treat Yo’Self Day a little too far eating 7 burgers and fries in one sitting. He had to miss practice the next day, because he was “sick”.

CC Sabathia
CC always seems just a little bit out of breath. Whether it be the first inning or the seventh, he always looks like he just got done running a marathon. I hope his stamina was taken into consideration when the MLB decided to lower the pitching mound. That thing can get steep for guys like CC.

Kelvin Benjamin
The leader of the fat athlete movement. I had a hard time choosing between him and Eddie Lacy, but I had to go with Benjamin because he is on a roster. As if the Chiefs needed anymore firepower. He is the the mid-range target for Pat Mahomes. Not out of design, it’s just that he only gets half as far as Tyreek Hill by the time Mahomes throws the ball.

Pablo Sandoval
This dude got a monster contract from the Red Sox in 2015 and completely chonked out. If there was ever a collision at the plate involving Sandoval, I think you could sue the third base coach for personal injuries since he is the one who sent him home.

Pablo Sanchez
Let’s be honest. This dude was the baddest m’fer in all of sports history. Mix Tom Brady with Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth and Cristiano Ronaldo and you get this tiny baller with his belly hanging out. Little man could take anyone yard.

Did we leave anybody out? Let us know on Twitter @soft7sports.

Author: Wic

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