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Hugh Freeze Secures 4-Star Recruit for Liberty

For those you who don’t know, Hugh Freeze is kind of a sketchy guy. During his tenure at Ole Miss, he was involved in two major scandals that led to his eventual departure. The first of which started in 2012 with allegations of players (Laremy Tunsil and others) receiving money from Ole Miss. He was charged with failure to monitor and lack of institutional control which led to a post season ban.

The other and more hilarious scandal came in 2016. It was discovered by Ole Miss officials that Hugh Freeze was making regular phone calls to a female escort service. Freeze denied the accusations saying, “We call wrong numbers all the time.” Apparently, he has a lot of accidents, because when an Ole Miss official was asked about the amount of calls he said, “it was troubling.” Freeze resigned shortly after.

I assume this was his reaction to both allegations

Now, I am a firm believer for coaches getting second chances. Especially incredible coaches like Hugh Freeze and Rick Pitino. Luckily for Freeze, Liberty thinks so too and hired him as head coach in December of 2018. Amazingly, in just two months, Hugh Freeze has been able to secure a commitment from 4-star recruit (according to Rivals) Tayvion Land. The first 4-star in Liberty Football history.


How, oh, how was this coach with serious recruiting violations in his past able to draw a big time recruit to the prestigious football powerhouse that is Liberty? Away for big names like Auburn, Maryland and Virginia Tech.


Who am I to say definitively that an NCAA violation is happening? However, I am sure that I am not the only one that is thinking it. By that, I mean that the NCAA is for sure raising their eyebrows or already informally investigating this case. Don’t be surprised if you hear more about this later on.

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