Brad Calipari Dripping in Swag

Brad Calipari, son of Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari, disappointingly decided to redshirt for his junior season. That doesn’t keep him from sitting with the team for every game though. While we do not get to experience the excitement of Brad shooting an ill-advised 3 with 20 seconds left while Kentucky is up by 60, we do get a whole new experience we never knew we were missing. We all get to see how Brad Calipari dresses himself outside the basketball court.

Whether he is wearing an oversized plaid hoodie or a turtleneck with a gold chain, his outfits do not disappoint. This one was a crowd favorite at Rupp Arena:

Looking ready for a night at the Roxbury.

I am in no way hating on Brad’s clothes. Brad has even taken to Twitter to let everyone know he does not care what anyone thinks. I am glad Cal lets his players wear whatever they want regardless of who they are. It’s also kinda hard to hate when I know Brad’s outfit probably costs more than what I pay for rent in a year.

photo creds: Kentucky Sports Radio

Kentucky fans have been getting particularly triggered about what Brad is wearing, but seriously who cares? Personally, I like that he wears whatever he wants. People act like his outfits are detrimental to the team. You know which one of Brad’s outfits would be the most detrimental? A UK jersey. If nothing else, just be happy he has something covering up that “Earned Not Given” tattoo on his chest.

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