Virginia Tech vs. NC State Was the Worst Basketball Game This Season, Maybe Ever

Every hoops fan loves a top-25 matchup. High scoring, fast-paced, coming down to the wire and maybe even some free basketball… overtime. At least, that’s what you would think would happen. We were given an absolute treat this Saturday with a top-25 ACC matchup in #12 Virginia Tech and #23 North Carolina State, or so we thought.

I got up early for this game. Noon is early for me because I am a blogger. I went down to my mom’s basement, again, because blogger, and I watched with laser focus. Much to my disappointment, the expectations for a top-25 game were not lived up to.

This. Game. Sucked. I even thought about changing the channel to soccer, but I could not look away. It was like a 11-car pileup and in the distance… 10 more runaway Toyotas. Add that up and it equals 21. That’s how many three pointers NC State missed. At what point as a coach do you tell your players to stop shooting and start driving the lane and turn this into a free throw contest. Personally, I would have thrown in a walk-on and hoped for a Kelenna Azubuike or Spike Albrecht miracle to happen. Even if it doesn’t, that’s who you can blame for a final score of 24.

He for sure missed this.

Virginia Tech was not any better. Well, technically they were since they won, but they only scored 47. If a team scores 47 points in a game and they aren’t playing Virginia, that team should be blown out by 23, not win by that much. They should drop in the rankings for disrespecting all of basketball. I know it isn’t their fault that NC State couldn’t hit a shot, but when you are the #12 team in the nation (#11 now) you should really be scoring more than 47 points, especially shooting 33% from 3.

Imagine this, but every possession.

The real loser here is the fans. This game started at 100% capacity and looked like 4% at the end. Fans took the bait on how a real top-25 should play out. The spread on this game was NCST -3.0. I get it, game spreads are a little off most of the time, but here is where it really went wrong: the over/under. The O/U for the game was 152. Game total was 71. If these teams were to play again in the ACC tournament, I would hope Vegas would set it to something more reasonable like 80.

Fun Fact: 77 D-1 players scored more than NC State did on Saturday.

Virginia Tech plays Louisville tonight and I hope they get run out of the gym by Ryan McMahon.

Author: Wic

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