NCAA Football

Poll: Who Was the Better College Football Player, Johnny Manziel or Lamar Jackson?

Both Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks. Both serious threats through the air and ground. Both truly amazing college football players.

This is a debate that has kept me up at night the same way these two players have kept coaches up. Lamar Jackson was a human cheat code. He would juke at the line of scrimmage and break somebody’s ankles 20 yards down the field. His coach at Louisville, Bobby Petrino, forgot to install an offense or so it seemed, and just let Lamar do what he wanted. Check one read for the long ball then run. Say what you will about that style of play, but it won him a Heisman.

Johnny, on the other hand, wasn’t so much an unfair advantage athletically. Sure, he was fast and could air the ball out like Pat Mahomes, but what he lacked skill-wise, he made up for by being the smartest person on the field with a chip on his shoulder. Keep in mind he was recruited as a safety. Johnny’s ability to make something out of nothing, out smart defenders and make people look silly was incredible. Even more impressive since he was probably hungover for some of them.

I am not giving the career stats since those are for losers.

Make your decision:

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