I Hate the Cincinnati Bengals

In reality, the Bengals are favorite team in the NFL but that is a hard statement to make on a daily basis. Why I hate the Bengals really comes down to every decision they ever make. I don’t even have to talk about Marvin but I happily will since my Christmas wish came true and he got fired. But how do you keep this man for so long with how mediocre of a job he has done? Then he goes ahead and rehires Hue Jackson in a stunning display of his epic demise. The Bengals have plagued my enjoyment of football for the last 20 years of my life and I don’t expect it to end anytime soon. From losing every playoff game for what seems like the last century and horrible soul crushing injuries to people like Tyler Eifert and John Ross who both seem to be made of glass, we just can’t figure it out. 

We have the tools to be a playoff team every year, not to go any further than the first round, but still to at least make the playoffs and maybe win that first game. We have a Pro Bowl and in my opinion probably top 6 receiver in the game in AJ Green and a running back in Joe Mixon who’s really showing strides of greatness for this team. In my opinion what it all comes back to is Andy Dalton. I have never seen a professional football player so scared of other football players in my life. If someone comes within 10 feet of him he’s throwing the ball away and losing a down. AJ McCarron gave me more hope than this fool does. Andy used to be an above average QB, but over the last couple of years it’s like he forgot being tough is part of the game. 

If our offensive struggles weren’t bad enough, we can’t keep our defense from getting suspended every other game. People like Vontaze Burfict make the game exciting for me. He’s a defensive force and plays with toughness and grit, but it goes too far. I mean he makes the big hits, but the big hits get him out for 4 games and destroy our chances of winning. After the Browns season this year, I would say we are looking at 4th in the AFC North for the next couple of years. 

I am praying that with Bill Lazor being fired, Marvin gone, and some fresh new coaches like Zac Taylor and Brian Callahan who are supposed to be coming in, we will be able to turn this program around. Unless Mike Brown keeps deciding to be Mike Brown and not spend a penny to make this team better. From 2012 to 2016 the worst that we did was 10-6 but since then, the closest we have come to that kind of record is 7 and 9. We are a disgrace right now and need to pick up where we left off. One last note is a shout out to my guy Andrew Whitworth for finally and very deservingly making it to the Super Bowl. You are a hero in this city.

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