Tony Romo Next Head Coach of the Cowboys?

Tony Romo has been one of the best game analysts the NFL has ever seen. His oracle-esque play predicting abilities has been amazing us all year long. And I’m sure it has caught the eye of a couple NFL front offices.

Every team wants a guy like Sean McVay or Kliff Kingsbury. The offensive gurus and quarterback whisperers. But what about a guy that already knows exactly what those jabronis are going to do? Tony Romo would eat those guys for breakfast… and he may just get that chance.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo listens on the headset from the bench as the Cowboys face the Philadelphia Eagles in the third quarter at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Sunday, October 30, 2016.(Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News)

Yesterday, the Cowboys announced that they will not be extending Head Coach Jason Garrett. At least not this offseason. Now, he will be entering the final year of his contract. One possibility is that they want more out of Garrett. The last time the Cowboys let him enter the last year of his contract without an extension, he took the ‘Boys to a 12-4 season. Even more impressively, he got Dak to do stuff. That, in itself, is worthy of an extension.

Here is the other possibility: the Cowboys want Garrett out and Jerry Jones is, of course, all about his money. They are going to let Garrett finish out his contract to avoid having to buy him out of his last year and begin a coaching search. Who better than someone who the fans love, knows the organization and apparently knows every other team’s playbook? Who better than Tony Romo?

No one thought this analyst stuff was going to last forever. I can see why Romo wouldn’t want to leave just yet especially since he just started doing it and already made a Super Bowl. That’s something he never did as a player since Dez never made a football move. Bottom line is, I cannot wait for him to become a Head Coach and blow more 4th quarter leads while also disappointing America’s Most Annoying Team.

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