Conley for Rubio Trade In Our Future?

Reports are coming out that a Conley for Rubio trade is in the works, and I could not be more for this. Being an Ohio State fan, I obviously love Mike Conley, and have been sad about how the Grizzlies have not been able to put together a real title-contender around him and Marc Gasol. This will be another blockbuster trade that will occur before Anthony Davis gets traded, and will also be as monumental as the Porzingis trade. Here is what I am predicting it to be currently…

Image result for mike conley  ricky rubio

Grizzlies Receive – PF/C Derrick Favors (2 yrs/$16.9 mil per), PG Ricky Rubio (1 yr/$15 mil), SG Grayson Allen (4 yrs/$2.1 mil per) + one lightly protected first round pick
Jazz Receive – PG Mike Conley (3 yrs/$30.5 mil per), SF Omri Casspi (1 yr/$1.5 mil), PF/C Ivan Rabb (2 yrs/$1.4 mil per)

Money and players match. Also helps the Griz move on from not only Conley’s contract, but also provides them serviceable replacements. They also get a young player in Grayson Allen to hopefully build around with Kyle Anderson and Jaren Jackson, Jr.

This trade is to help the Jazz. There has been no credible intel to a player wishing to go to Utah this offseason, and they have been underperforming to say the least. I had them (like many others) to win the West, and their current standing at 7th is poor to say the last. This is a sure-fire upgrade at PG, and they can also get off of Derrick Favors bad contract.

I like the idea of this trade, and have no idea on whether or not this will be how it actually goes down. What I do know is that it more than likely will, and this will be the second All-Star trade to occur before AD.

If I was you, I’d start sweating a bit Lakers fans.

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