NOLA GM Dell Demps Hates the Lakers, Acts Like Child

In typical Demps-being-an-idiot fashion, he is refusing to not only return trade calls from other teams, but is not even taking messages/returning the Lakers’ calls.

Obviously he is still butt-hurt that the Lakers “tampered” with Anthony Davis, but he must have been living under a freaking rock for the last year following their playoff loss. You cannot surround one of the best players in the NBA with players like Elfrid Payton and Julius Randle and expect him to still remain happy. You can’t have your best player come out and say “rings mean more to me than money”, and expect him to still sign an extension with you. You can’t give a player like Solomon Hill a 4 year, $50 million dollar contract and expect an All-Star not to be disappointed. What does this culminate to?

Dell Demps is essentially mad that Anthony Davis took a realistic view and approach to a bad, dying team. However, what Dell is doing now can best be described in one word: childish.

Look, I get you are mad. You drafted AD. You made him better, and helped him improve his skill sets and talents. Worst of all, from the Pels perspective, nothing you have done has worked to any avail on making AD want to stay. It is tough to admit when your failures are the reason a player wants to leave. Tie into the fact that it is now public knowledge? Yikes!

Again though, I said PUBLIC knowledge. If we are to believe Jimmy Butler, he requested a trade WAY before he made it public knowledge that he wanted to leave. I bet Anthony Davis, even though he is an upstanding guy and does things “the right way”, made this request in private WELL BEFORE it was made public. After all, most backroom dealings, when made public, are made public because a deal cannot be reached without pressure.

Again though, it makes no sense why Dell is doing this. AD is in the situation where he can (and more than likely will) “be hurt”, and sit out until he gets a trade. On top of this, having AD leave and receive nothing in return only hurts you in the long run. I get not wanting the Lakers pile of crap they are offering. I also get not wanting to deal with the Lakers since you believe (incorrectly) that they corrupted AD into wanting to leave NOLA. However, Dell is not just doing this to the Lakers. He is not taking ANY CALLS on offers for AD.

To me, this is beyond ridiculous. This is beyond illogical, and well past the realm of idiocy. This is childish and detrimental. Refusing to accept reality will not only hurt your team, but your job security as well. If I was a Pels’ fan, I would begin the rumblings of firing Demps. His inadequacy of building a team around AD, and his failure to act on trading him, is only hurting the future of the team. This does not instill faith in Jrue Holiday and the other players that their GM wants them to succeed in the near and far future.

Delaying the inevitable only brings bad results forward, especially if it is your failures that have led you to this circumstance.

Good luck Pels’ nation. This is going to be a rough stretch up ahead.

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