The NFL Finally Explains Why They Won’t Replay Saints vs. Rams

The NFL has finally broken their silence and revealed the real reason that they will not be replaying the final two minutes of the Saints versus Rams NFC Championship game. Basically, it all came down to money. The financial burden of not having the Super Bowl on February 3, 2019, would be too much for the NFL to handle.

People forget that the NFL is first and foremost a business. Sadly, they really really do not care about your feelings. If they were to replay this game, then it would push back the date of the Super Bowl. If that were to happen, the NFL would lose out on about $100 million. I don’t care if Roger Goodell was a Saints fan; this game isn’t being replayed.

The NFL has done everything they could to rectify this besides replaying the game. They have fined Nickell Robey-Coleman $26,739 for the hit and officially recognized there was a mistake in officiating that directly impacted the outcome of the game.

I feel for Saints fans. Soft 7 Sports is even co-founded by a Saints fan from Louisiana who wrote a letter to the NFL via this website. I feel for all 750,000 Saints fans who signed a petition for the game to be replayed. If this happened to my Broncos, I would be just as upset and demand a replay too. But, this would set a dangerous precedent.

If we were to hypothetically replay the game from the missed pass interference call, Rams fans would demand that they game then be replayed from missed facemask call the drive before. It was pretty blatant, not as blatant as the missed PI, but it definitely happened. It would start a vicious cycle of reviewing plays with painstaking detail finding the smallest penalty to use as grounds for a replay. Just not feasible.

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