Khabib and McGregor Both Suspended

The Nevada State Athletic Commision has finally dealt punishments to Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. They have both been suspended for their roles in the UFC 229 brawl. The Brawl happened when Khabib, after beating the crap out of McGregor, decided he would go into the stands to beat up all of Conor’s friends as well. The rest of Khabib’s entourage joined him and an all-out melee ensued.

Conor McGregor’s role in the after-fight was limited due to the fact he had just been knocked out. So, he has been given a 6-month suspension and fined only $50,000. He will be able to return to fighting again by April 6.

Khabib, however, was given a much steeper punishment. Since he actually started the fight that put many people at risk, he was suspended for 9 months and given a $500,000 fine. The fine will be deducted from his $1,000,000 winnings from the aforementioned fight. He will be eligible for return by July 6.

I agree with Conor’s punishment, but not Khabib’s. Khabib was much more frightened of what his dad would do to him than what the NSAC would throw at him. Hasn’t he already suffered enough? Also, I am sick of the double standard with UFC. LeBron and Melo get to do their sport outside the court and practice, why can’t Khabib do his sport outside the octagon? Sickening.

Besties!! 🙂

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