Benfica Housed CP Pego, 32-0

Remember when we all freaked out because Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup? We had all of the comparisons to a 60-7 football game and a 200-28 basketball game just so us dumb Americans could understand a soccer blowout. Well, let’s try to wrap our heads around a new one. Benfica’s Women’s team just won a league game, 32-0.

This is the first season that Portuguese powerhouse Benfica has had a women’s team. Thanks to a random by-law passed by Portugal soccer’s governing body, Benfica was forced to start out in the second division. They were apparently not too happy about that and took their frustrations out CP Pego… and everyone else too.

Benfica is just handing out naps an entire soccer organization. This game was no anomaly. Twice, they have pummeled teams 28-0. Now, they went for a complete annihilation. A 32-0 massacre. That’s a goal roughly every 3 minutes. Imagine Tebow to Demaryious Thomas against the Steelers, but every play and the Steelers never get to have the ball.

At least when the final score was 7-1, we had something real to compare it to, but I cannot think of a real example to help with the understanding. So, I will have to use a made-up one: this game was basically the first half of the Toon Squad vs. the Monstars in Space Jam.

If only CP Pego had some of Michael’s secret stuff.

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